manjuto1mukomukokab.go.id,- On July 1st,1989 The second President of Indonesia Suharto had made Manjuto Dam officially for Mukomuko people. This dam where locates in agriculture area in Lalang Luas Village, V Koto District Mukomuko Regency.In that time Mr Suharto also had made some other projects officially in Bengkulu Province.
The mayority of surrounding residents are farmers. The dam is very beneficial for the majority of the surrounding residents. It is also very attractive to be used as tourist attractions. On holydays like Sunday, the dam area is very crowded visitors. Everyyear especially in lebaran momen, the dam is visited tourist attractions ranging from local tourists, domestic and foreign people.To reach this location throught SP 6 area, the road is about 20 kms and the condition of road is good.If we want to go throught west bank of Sumatra Highway is about 45 kms from Mukomuko by hotmix road.
Manjuto dam is one of the largest dams in the Bengkulu Province. This dam will be more comfortable visit if the area is neat and beautiful. As the park’s playground, it is making impression to remember if the area is as well as various shopping venues Mukomuko typical regional products and the availability of barracks resting place. To control and maintenace the dam, central goverment had built guard and office building under the authority of the River Control of Region VII Bengkulu Sumatra,Ministry of Public Work .
In the past the dam capable of irrigating an area of 4,919 hectares of rice fields had become the pride for the citizens of Mukomuko. Because it is a beautiful place as a holiday location which is close to the mountains of Mukomuko. Every year this area is always crowded with people locally and outside the region. Because in the area of the dam is often held entertainment stage. the young people often hang relaxed while enjoying the beautiful panorama around the dam.
The dam was the central government authority. If Mukomuko Regency who will manage, it will be required much budged in order to maintenace and beautify the yard.It is also would have to go through lengthy procedures.
Mukomuko Regency Goverment always support to efforts increasing of this potenstial destination as one favorite place for recreation. The Regent, Choirul Huda persuade local people to care the enviroment and facilities in this area. Mukomuko Regency Goverment has built V Koto District office near from Manjuto Dam. To prome this place sometime Mukomuko Goverment take guests to spend times and show beauty scene of Manjuto dam.manjuto1

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